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MediateGuru offers the facility for online study of various methods, procedures, techniques and other intricacies of ADR methods who cater the requirement of various segment of people. MediateGuru conducts various courses, to suit your convenience and need. Our courses gives you the flexibility to study, what, when and how you want. The Courses available at MediateGuru provides professionals and students with an opprtunity to study and practice, sophisticated deal making and resolution.

Who should Enroll?


  • Law Students

  • Lawyers

  • Arbitrators

  • Mediators

  • Academicians

  • Government officers

  • Persons from Construction business

  • Engineers

  • Chartered Accountants

  • Cost Accountants

and any other professionals keen to learn the fundamental of process of ADR.



  • Enrolment on Rolling Basis

  • Doubts can be cleared from Course Instructor through mail.

  • 3 comprehensive and exhaustive modules.

  • 24x7 Access to study material.

  • Objective and Subjective test by the end of each module.

  • Certificates to be issued, only after evaluation by Course Instructor.


Certificate Courses

More Certificate Courses Coming Soon

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