A Pathway to the Future of ADR

(Comparative Perspective from around the World)

in Collaboration with
Gherson Solicitors & Niyom Legal

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Chaos and conflict are a part and parcel of life as a whole. How we manage or handle such conflicts and chaotic situations are what matters the most. Negotiation is one of the most used techniques for resolving conflicts and disputes. It has been in existence for over a thousand years. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to a variety of streamlined resolution techniques designed to resolve issues in controversy more efficiently when the normal negotiation process fails.

We invite submissions that address Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) topics from international and comparative perspectives or topics that deal with the intersection between two different field of perspectives. The Aftermath of Covid-19 has already had a dramatic impact on the society as whole and its consequences and impact will be felt for a significant period of time. This book will explore the evolution of ADR, reflecting on ADR as it was before the pandemic, as it is now and what it will become. Furthermore, with second edition of this book, it will focus extensively on how such evolution presents a pathway towards the future of ADR and international cooperation within the ADR community.


Editorial Board

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Dr. Magdalena Łągiewska

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Dr. Ashu Dhiman

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Mr. Edward Miller

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Ms. Reshma Oogorah

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Ms. Maureen Erickson Robertshaw


Important Dates

Submit Abstract by -

20th September 2021

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Last date for Submission of First Draft -

31st October 2021

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15th November 2021

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31st November 2021

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15th December 2021



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